CEL Development Developer for Residential and Commercial Properties

CEL Pte Ltd is an owned development of Chip Eng Seng Co. Ltd, a company registered in Singapore that from1999. Since 2000, CEL has effectively acquired real estate development and speculative destinations. These developments include private, commercial, and industrial property. The current CEL classification includes medium and high market properties.

CEL is confident of growing through partnerships. It has established joint ventures with legitimate offshore funds like Lehman Brothers Partner Partner II, who has collaborated with Citadel Capital CEL Limited with local partners. Some partners like NTUC Choice Homes Co-usable Ltd and Keppel Land Limited in some very productive real estate projects. Their latest project is Kopar at Newton located at Newton MRT Station and Newton Food Centre.

CEL Development Real Estate Developer Commercial and Residential

Overcoming local borders, CEL has boosted expansion into emerging local economies, starting with Vietnam, where it is actively seeking real estate development opportunities. They are also investigated in different markets in Southeast Asia.

As the leader of the Group’s portfolio in real estate development and investment, CEL has established itself as one of the fastest-growing companies over the years. Thanks to development needs in Singapore, Vietnam, and Australia, CEL Ltd has achieved significant growth in recent years.

Being a strong partnership, we have built our prosperity based on healthy ethical practices and quality standards backed by our vast experience in construction, real estate development, and real estate projects.

Management of CEL Residential Development Singapore

Managed by three impressive senior management officers who are integrated
1. Mr. Xia Li Meng Raymond PBM
Official director and CEO of the Group
2. Ms. Lim Seok Jo
Official director
• Mr. Michael Ng Seng Tat
Official director
Through a healthy combination of youth and experience in our positions, we can use this experience as a grouping to continually drive standards in construction and quality, mainly to the vision of our company.

History and Practices of CEL Residential Development

CEL dates back then, when Lim Tiam Seng, who is the founder, began working as a subcontractor in the traditional landing. With your esteemed standard practices and dynamic approach, we strive to fulfill our promise of home quality today and tomorrow.

CEL’s vision is to be an essential multidisciplinary real estate development decision company, synonymous with building high-quality housing with outstanding prototypes and respect for the project. All that helped in making a manageable incentive for its shareholders and clients and being a socially corporate partnership. With our esteemed standard practices and dynamic approach, we aim to raise the highest levels in the coming years and seek to fulfill our promise of quality homes today and tomorrow.

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