As an expat, you’re looking and checking the options you have before moving more than twice. You’re leaving your own country, friends and possibly family behind for a new country, a new city, new people and new job, so of course you must be extra careful and do your research before being completely convinced of your move.

If you recently decided to move to Singapore, you’re probably wondering what’s in store for you once you get there and get settled. What are the cities like, the living arrangements, the culture and tourist attractions?

Living in Newton Singapore

Newton is a capital in the Central Region of Singapore. Named after Alfred Howard Vincent Newton, a British Municipal Engineer of the late nineteenth century, the area became a residential haven after it was mainly a nutmeg plantation a couple of hundreds of years ago. Hotels and condominium complexes are sprinkled across it, and the area has a selection of over 90 restaurants, 14 clubs and nightlife scenes, 11 gyms and fitness complexes and over 80 shops. You’ll notice the lack of school districts or banks, although a few kindergartens and preschools can be found in this district. Before you start panicking, you must know that the commute is accessible and easy towards any business centre. For example, it takes 20 to 40 minutes by car to reach Jurong International Business Park, depending on the traffic of course. The new development Condo Launch by Chip Eng Seng CELH Development is located near to Newton Town at Kampong Java Road Singapore.

Newton Residential Town

Being a mainly residential area, you will find more families living here, Newton being a perfect spot for professionals working across the city with children needing to be dropped off for classes. If you are moving with your family and are looking to rent the perfect apartment, you can find two-bedroom apartments around 5000 SGD, three-bedroom apartments around 8000 SGD or lager residences over 11000 SGD per month. If you are thinking to invest in a permanent home, a three-bedroom place will come around 3.16M SGD. Make sure you research the prices correctly before making a decision.

Newton Food Centre Located near to Newton

If you’ve just moved to Newton and are looking to sample the cuisine as a foodie, you must go to the Newton Food Centre, a tourist attraction where you can find over 80 food stalls that offer the perfect examples of Singaporean recipes. If you’re open to a more picturesque scenery, make sure to visit Emerald Hill where you can find several restaurants and bars housed in Chinese Baroque architecture. Close to Novena, Rohor, Orchard and Tanglin, Newton is an ideal destination if you’re planning to move to Singapore and start a new adventure.