Real estate business have become an attractive venture in Singapore after loads of Singapore locals have started showing interest in real estate investment. In addition, the influx of expats and foreigners to the country also significantly contribute the boom of the real estate business in Singapore.

Although the real estate prices shows continuous fluctuation in the market, yet the prices of the freehold apartments looks quite attractive. So many property development groups are in the verge of developing freehold apartments. One such development is the Bukit 828 located at 826A Upper Bukit Timah Road segmented between Bukit Panjang MRT and Cashew MRT stations.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Real Estate Developer

Roxy Pacific Holdings is an investment holding company that are engaged in property and hospitality businesses in the Asia-Pacific region. They have launched almost 39 small to medium sized development between the year 2004 and 2015 all across Singapore. Their establishments doesn’t stop with Singapore, rather proved their excellence in Singapore, Australia and Japan.

Some of the latest key developments of Roxy Pacific holdings are Straits Mansions, Sunnyvale Residences, Trilive, Eon Shenton and many more. With their hallmark nature of quality and value, Bukit 828 was developed with a gross floor area of 25,640 sq.ft with 6 storey comprising of 34 units. There are more info on CEL Chip Eng Seng real estate developer new development Kopar at Newton.

Nearby Malls Close to Bukit Panjang

Located in the midst of shopping centers, Bukit 828 is the newest development in upper Bukit Timah with 6 residential floors only. Some of the malls close by Bukit 828 are

· HillV2 shopping center – You can’t say you have never been to the shopping malls. Shopping malls are all around and they are in the verge of gaining significant importance because of its convenience and the amazing things it offers. HillV2 shopping center is a small but a great upscale community mall that offers full range of merchandise that anchors on fashion, home and lifestyle. In addition there are several eateries in the plaza serving mouth-watering delicacies to your complete satisfaction.

· Buking Panjang Plaza – This is one of the largest shopping malls in Bukit Panjang located near the Bukit Timah. Residents in the surrounding of Cashew Park, Chestnut drive and Hillview cater to this mall for weekend shopping and entertainment. You can get all the deals, sales, discounts and coupons, so that you can save considerable amount of money while shopping at the most elegant stores in Bukit Panjang Plaza

· Hillion mall – This is one the newer malls in that area and often get crowded during evenings usually in the weekends. Sometime you can see heavy crowd when events are organized.

Bukit 828 has an extreme rich settings with popular neighborhoods that can offer a moving place for you to settle and invest.