Luxurious Space-Saving Solutions Genius Hacks for Small Kitchens with Custom Cabinets in Ajax

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5. Optimize Corner Storage
The corners of your kitchen are often overlooked when it comes to storage. However, with custom cabinets, you can utilize these spaces and create extra storage. One option is to install a lazy Susan in a corner cabinet, which allows you to easily access items stored in the back. You can also install custom cabinets that have pull-out shelves, making it easier to reach items in the corner.

10. Don’t Forget About the Cabinet Doors
The back of cabinet doors can be used for additional storage as well. You can install hooks or magnetic strips to hang mugs, measuring cups, or other frequently used items. This will free up space in your cabinets and keep your countertops clutter-free.

7. Install Under-Cabinet Lighting
In a small kitchen, lighting is crucial to creating a spacious and luxurious feel. Instead of traditional overhead lighting, consider installing under-cabinet lighting. This will not only provide more light for food preparation but also make your countertops appear larger. You can also install lighting inside your cabinets to make it easier to find and access items stored inside.

8. Choose Custom Cabinets with Built-In Organizers
Custom cabinets offer endless possibilities when it comes to organization. Consider choosing cabinets with built-in organizers such as dividers for drawers, pull-out trash cans, and built-in racks for pots and pans. These features will make it easier to keep your small kitchen organized and will maximize the space available.

With these genius hacks and custom cabinets, even the smallest kitchen in Ajax can feel luxurious and well-organized. Whether you are looking for more storage or a more functional layout, custom cabinets can help you achieve your goals in a small space. Don’t let the size of your kitchen hold you back from creating the kitchen of your dreams.

Small kitchens can often feel cramped and cluttered, making cooking and meal preparation a challenge. However, with the right space-saving solutions and custom cabinets, even the tiniest kitchen can feel luxurious and functional. Ajax, a suburban town in the Greater Toronto Area, is known for its beautiful homes and tight spaces. If you are a homeowner in Ajax looking for ways to maximize space in your small kitchen, here are some genius hacks you can use with custom cabinets.

6. Incorporate Roll-Out Trays
For more efficient storage, consider incorporating roll-out trays into your custom cabinets. These trays allow you to easily access items stored in the back of your cabinets without having to dig through everything. You can use them in lower cabinets to store pots and pans or in upper cabinets to store dishes and glasses. This will not only save you space but also make it easier to keep your cabinets organized.

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1. Utilize Vertical Space
When it comes to small kitchens, the key is to utilize every inch of space available. This includes vertical space. Instead of traditional cabinets that stop at the ceiling, consider installing custom cabinets that extend all the way up. This will provide you with extra storage space for items that are not used daily, such as extra dinnerware or small appliances. You can also install shelves on the walls above your countertops for storing spices, cookbooks, and other frequently used items.

2. Create a Pull-Out Pantry
A common problem in small kitchens is lack of storage space for pantry items. Custom cabinets can solve this issue by incorporating pull-out pantry shelves. These shelves can be installed in narrow spaces between your refrigerator and wall or between your cabinets and wall. They can be pulled out to reveal hidden storage for pantry items such as canned goods, spices, and baking supplies. This will free up space in your cabinets and countertops, making your kitchen feel more open and organized.

4. Consider Open Shelving
If your small kitchen feels too crowded with traditional cabinets, consider incorporating open shelving into your design. Open shelves can make a kitchen feel more open and airy while still providing storage space. You can use the shelves to display your decorative dishes, cookbooks, or even small plants. Just be sure to keep them organized and clutter-free to maintain a sleek and elegant look.

3. Use Multi-Functional Cabinets
Another way to maximize space in a small kitchen is by using multi-functional cabinets. These cabinets can serve more than one purpose, allowing you to save space and increase functionality. For example, you can install a cabinet with a built-in spice rack on the inside of the door. This way, you can store your spices without taking up any counter or shelf space. Another idea is to install a pull-out cutting board in one of your lower cabinets. This will not only save you counter space but also make meal prep easier and more efficient.

9. Avoid Oversized Cabinets
In a small kitchen, oversized cabinets can make the space feel even smaller. Instead, choose cabinets that are the appropriate size for your kitchen. This will not only make your kitchen feel more spacious but also prevent wasted space that could be used for other storage solutions.