Designer home at Branksome Road for sale at $12.5 mil

When it comes to purchasing a home, there is no better indication that you’ve arrived than to have the ability to purchase a designer home. A home that has been graced by the touch of an interior designer truly has a loving touch, with each room being accentuated to bring the most outstanding appeal possible. Moreover, each room can be designed to the personal tastes and preference of each family member. There is no question that designer homes are incredibly popular in the city-state of Singapore.

Anne-Louise Minter is an interior designer herself, and she knows a good deal when she sees it. When she and her spouse selected their first house in 2012, they wanted to ensure that each room had a personal charm all its own and that would keep their family as content as possible. The home was located on Branksome in Singapore. She and her husband purchased a 2 1/2 storey detached home with over 6,000 square feet and they immediately begin remodeling it. They wanted the home to truly stand out on the 7,100 square foot land parcel. They took their time renovating the home, simply because Minter didn’t want to spare any expense nor leave any stone unturned. Her family ultimately finished the renovation in 2015. More info on designs can be found here at Kopar Newton Project Details. There will be more info on the layouts and features included in the actual unit by CEL.

Anne-Louise Minter and her family definitely have developed an immense fondness for Singapore. They knew in 2012 that it was time for them to purchase a home simply because she had been renting in Singapore for the past fifteen years. Her family quickly learned just how difficult it is to make changes to a rental unit. It can be difficult simply because you will need the landlord’s approval before even making the smallest of changes. She told EdgeProp Magazine that she felt it was time to purchase the home in 2012 because they were ready for something that aligned more with their lifestyle.

She and her husband are now ready to sell their labor of love. This home is of the detached variety, and it has four suite-style bedrooms, several kitchens, a large pool, and many areas solely devoted to entertainment. This amazing Singapore home is being offered for $12.5 million.

Since Anne-Louise Minter has such an eye for detail, there is no question that she has many areas of the home that she loves. One of her favorite places would have to be the reading niche she designed, simply because it is not only private but it has an outdoorsy feel because of the green shrubs located inside. She is also proud of the fact that the second floor of the home has an immense lounge area and is excellent for entertaining. She has regularly hosted get-togethers at her home that were over eight dozen strong.

The home boasts a lot of outdoor and indoor spaces, and that is something important for the minter family as they are originally from Australia. They also loved that the home possessed a large array of outdoor tropical plants, which does excellent at giving the home a natural cooling effect. With the Minters now experiencing an “empty nest”, they felt it was time to move on from this fabulous home. However, they will be the first to tell you that this home still remains great for young families, simply because Minter’s attention-to-detail has ensured the home is still in “like new” condition. Thus, there is no question that this fantastic residence will generate a lot of publicity and will not remain on the Singapore real estate market for very long, even with the $12.5 million price tag.

Resale unit at Buona Lodge sold for nearly $1.3 mil profit

Early this November, a seller of an individual unit at Buona lodge managed to gain around 1.2 million dollars. In May 2004, the group was acquired on the fourth floor of the lodge for $ 640,000 and later on sold on November 14th, 2019, for $1.9 million, making over 200% profit topping the list for the best-selling unit for the month of November. It is estimated that the seller made about an annual 7% profit for fifteen years. Buona lodge is located on Zehnder Road, exactly in district 5completed in the year 1992 and c. Buona Lodge has four floors and is about a ten minutes’ walk from Haw Par Villa MRT station.

The second-largest profit made early this November occupying the second place at the list was at Glendale Park that is located along Hill view Avenue on District 23. It made a profit of about 100% of $805,154.It is located on the sixth floor of the lodge and was purchased for $782846 back then in the year 1999 in the month of June. It was later on sold at $1.5 million on November 13th, 2019. Kopar at Newton Core city centre condos usually generate alot of profit due to the fact that real estate tends to outperform inflation.

One of the units amade another remarkable profit-making the third best-selling unit for November. It made a 63% profit of $800, 000; it was purchased on November 1999 and got allocated at the 12th floor of the building for $1.28 million, later on after twenty years November 13th, 2019 it was sold for $2 million making a fascinating annual profit of around 2% for twenty years. Freehold Thomson 800 was constructed by a property called Enterprises Development been a member at Ck Asset Holdings. Its completion came to success in the year 1999. .

Nevertheless, the unit with the most significant loss was during the start of November was at Marina Bay Suites in District 1. The group is located on the 11th floor of the building, which was sold at $4.68 on November 14th, 2019, making a devastating loss of 35% of $2.497 million. This unit is located along the 3 Central Boulevards, Marina Bay suite. It was constructed and completed in the year 2013. Marina Bay consist of 221 unites fitted in a 65 story block just a two minutes’ walk from Downtown MRT Station. This unit was acquired in 2010 in May for $7.17 million. It is calculated that the seller made an annual loss of around 45 every year for 9.5 years.

Victory Point On Sale at Balestier for $14.7 Million

38 Draycott going for $2.5 mil Auction Sale

Shophouse for Sale on Singapore Bussorah Street

Small Size Condos Preferred by Buyers

People’s preferences are changing, their paying capacity is changing and this is leading to a big change in trends in the sale of condos in Singapore. From the beginning of 2019, the market saw a huge drop in the sales of big condos that have sprawling floor space of more than 1000 sq ft. With a decrease in that, there was a remarkable jump in the sale of small-sized condos ranging from 500 sq ft to 1000 sq ft. To quote the exact figures from a leading research agency in Singapore, in Q3 in 2019, the sales of condos smaller than 500 sq ft increased by 15.1% and 33.5% for condos ranging between 700 sq ft and 1000 sq ft in floor size.

Smaller Size Condos Preferred by Buyers

There could be many reasons why this trend is on the uprise but one reason worth mentioning is the fact that smaller condos are much more affordable to an average household than big condos. Smaller condos are easily manageable and easier to clean while still having dedicated spaces for dining, bedrooms, living, kitchen, etc. There are different floor plans available for buyers to see and some of the sizes of the floor plans are very small. Please see Kopar at Newton Floor plans as well for the latest floor plans.

The affordability and the price factor of these smaller condos are the key factors why the market for these condos made up in total approximately 81% of all the new sales in the third quarter this financial year. And this trend is forecasted to only increase and outgrow the current numbers in the next year. When we crunch the numbers, what is equally interesting is that the buying capacity of residents in Singapore has not seen any change. So the reason why people are more interested in buying smaller condos is not because they do not have enough money to buy big ones. This further validates that comfort and living realistic matters more to people along with affordability.

Most of the residential projects in Singapore have seen a rising demand in condos from 500 sq ft to 1000 sq ft and their buyers are increasing in the market, flocking real estate agents with deals. Among the top five selling residential projects in Singapore, the condos that sold the most in the last two quarters were two-bedroom condos measuring between 500 sq ft and 1000 sq ft. The next in line were surprisingly even smaller condos that had floor size less than 500 sq ft. Well, if these numbers are anything to go by, the buying market for big condos is not looking favourable as we enter the new year. On the other hand, smaller condos are selling like hot cakes!

Street Level Commercial Unit Sold at St Martin

The Tapestry Located Near to Tampines Avenue 10

The Tapestry Condo is actually a 99 years old leasehold private development, which is owned by City Developments Limited of Singapore, commonly known as CDL. There was a bidding war for the plot at Tampines Avenue 10, between 9 bidders, and the top bid was accepted for 370.1 Singapore Dollars. This top bid was made by CDL themselves.

The main motive for the highest bid was to allow CDL to build around 800 residential units in the same plot of land, at Tampines. This land is located very near to the Bedok Reservoir, and also to the Temasek Polytechnic college as well. This will help the residents get the most benefits out of their investments, as various analysts are saying that the property market is still very much lively. Therefore, without further ado, let’s go through some of the biggest reasons why you should plan to invest in The Tapestry Condo.

Numerous Facilities Available At The Tampines Avenue 10

The location of The Tapestry Condo is excellent, in terms of overall communication and facilities being provided. The Tampines Avenue 10 is a major road which also connects the Tampines Expressway as well, commonly known as TPE. Therefore, travelling to the Changi Airport via the TPE is very much easy and convenient as well. There is also the Bedok Hawker Centre for all your signature local delights too. There is also various megastore establishments as well, namely IKEA and Courts Megastore, which are located next to the TPE. These stores are just 5 minutes distance away. Please also see Kopar at Newton Condo by CELH Development.

Presence Of The Tampines Hub Near to The Tapestry

The Tampines Hub is an integrated community and lifestyle hub, that helps to bring neighbours from different backgrounds together, at one place. There is a wide range of food outlets, as well as various family activities to indulge in as well. There is a hawker centre here too. There will be various social gatherings, in order to help to promote the Tampines Town as a lot more vibrant city. There are also various sports activities, like Tennis and Hockey.

Location Of The Temasek Polytechnic

This polytechnic college is the third polytechnic college in Singapore, and provide numerous courses and graduate diplomas as well. There are options for various full time and part time courses too. This college is very close to The Tapestry Condo and Bedok Reservoir. It has around 12,000 students, and around 1,200 staff members.


Whether you want a place with numerous facilities or a place with good culture and neighbours, or want a place where your kids could easily go off to the nearest polytechnic college – The Tapestry Condo ticks all the right boxes. The investment will be truly worth your time, and as well as your money too

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