Due to Singapore’s business culture, finding a strategic and accessible location for the living is important. One great residential option in Singapore is Jadescape, Marymount MRT Station. The condo development is new in the business. This ensures residents a fresh and modern way of living. Below are interesting facts about Jadescape that would attract people to buy their condos.

Distance and accessibility are one of the first things you should consider when purchasing a residential. Jadescape’s 2-minute walking distance to Marymount MRT Station is a great highlight. If you have businesses all over Singapore, then Jadescape’s accessibility is an advantage for you. You can travel to other areas of Singapore with ease. Apart from that, Jadescape is also great for shopping and education. You can find a shopping centre, food centre, and a plaza nearby. For your kids to study, a college, secondary schools, and a high school are also available not far away from the condo. So, you and your kids don’t need to waste too much time to travel which ensures enough rest for your family. Other prime located developments include Kopar at Newton and there are full amenities as you can see from Kopar at Newton site plan.

At Jadescape they have over 1,200 units consisting of 12 condo types, from 1 bedroom to penthouse. This gives you the luxury in choosing the type of condo that best suits your needs. The condos come in various sizes, from 527 sqft to 4,198 sqft, making sure you have enough space to make yourself feel at home.

At Jadescape, there are a lot of activities for their residents to do. For residents who love to do sport, there is a tennis court where friends and family who love fast-paced sports can rally on. A swimming pool is also available. The pool is perfect for residents who want to exercise in a relaxing manner after a hard day’s work. Here is a list of some other things you can do at Jadescape:
• Indoor gym
• Outdoor fitness
• Skylining
• Infinity pool
• Hammock

Jadescape is developed by Qingjan Realty. With over 66 years of experience in the property business, the company has a wide range of experiences. Their reputation is well known in both Singapore and China.

This is proven by the number of awards they have received. With Qingjan Realty’s investment in Jadescape, they have a long list of things they would like to achieve. This is to assure residents’ convenience and satisfaction which is a priority.