Some years back, URA introduced rules regarding the maximum unit size for private development other than landing outside the central region to mitigate the excessive growth of shoebox units. The maximum unit size of housing units was deducted by dividing the total area of the proposed structure by 70 square meters.

Four areas, namely Joo Chiat Kovan, Telok Kurau, and Jalan Eunos, were subject to increasingly stringent requirements to reduce local infrastructure, and the proposed GFA division of 100 square meters deduced the concern arising from the new developments. From this moment, URA continued to verify the distribution of unit sizes in each event to meet different needs, as well as the number of new developments in specific areas that could cause tremendous pressure on local infrastructure. We have seen the sizes of small housing units in new private housing projects. Also, the amount of redevelopment in specific areas could affect local support.

Minimum Size Units to be Observed in Core City Centre Newton

When thinking about the above, URA will reconsider the current rule regarding the maximum unit size of housing units for each new level and the development of housing units outside the central area provided by a particular formula. URA and LTA have similarly identified nine areas where the combined impact of new developments can exert significant pressure on local infrastructure. For these areas, the maximum unit size of units per new level and the level of units will be determined by the number of units. Kopar at Newton is one of the newest development to follow this ruling and hence there is a minimum size ruling for the development at Kampong Java Road. Kopar at Newton floorplans based on the sizes is available here.

The formulas are calculated to calculate the maximum unit size in sections 4 and 5 to determine the upper limit number. The actual number of housing units that can receive support in any development will be evaluated according to the site configuration, current site conditions, and the impact on local infrastructure. The URA will also assess the overall coordination, plan, and size of the units of the development recommendations. It may add different requirements as necessary to ensure the quality of living conditions.

Also, developers must provide an appropriate combination of unit sizes, including larger housing units that meet the requirements of large families and facilitate multi-generational living. For example, about 20% of the housing units have a net interior space of 100 square meters, excluding spaces, balconies, edges of the climate control system and other outdoor areas; where units with a net interior area of fewer than 50 meters do not exceed approximately 20% of the proposed dwellings.

With the revised rules, we urge developers to provide a wide range of unit sizes that meet the different needs of all parts of the market, including large families. In the same way, the rules will help to alleviate the decrease in the size of the houses, protect the viability of our private homes, and ensure that the local infrastructure does not look too tense.