120 Grange is a new freehold condominium located in Orchard District, Singapore. It was newly acquired by Roxy Pacific Homes for S$48.5m. The development is offering real estate opportunities for buyers seeking a freehold land. The condo was formerly an 11-story property with 18 private units. However, Roxy Pacific Homes purchased the aging property and it now features 18 stories and 56 residential units. Presently, it sits on an expanse of land measuring up to 15780 square feet in area. It has a 2.1 plot ratio. This means the total floor area can be extended to 33,138 square feet. Kopar at Newton site plan will have complete facilities and the development will be located at Orchard Road. Kopar Newton prices are also generally lower compared to other developments.

Facilities at the 120 Grange

The gated 120 Grange features unique facilities such as a function room, a clubhouse, a swimming pool, a sun deck, a barbecue pit and a gym facility. The facilities offer complete family entertainment options. It is also situated in the heart of the tranquil Orchard District, near social amenities like the bicycle trails, and the amazing resort centers in Bukit Timah. Orchard District is an iconic district renowned for shopping in Singapore. Among the many shopping centers in the area are the Ion Orchard, Tanglin Mall, and others. The district also features a chain of high-class restaurants and bar, coffee clubs.

Centers of attractions near Orchard Road

The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve This is one of Singapore’s largest virgin forest reserves, with many species of trees even surpassing North America. You can enjoy the colorful rare birds, the apes among the leaping trees and the rare carnivorous plants. You can enjoy a pleasant picnic at the highest point in Singapore, the 162.5-meter-high Bukit Timah Mountain.

Singapore is one of the only two cities in the world that retains a vast expanse of tropical rainforest. This name comes from the Bukit Timah Reserve. The protected area is only 12 kilometers away from the center of Singapore. It covers an area of 400 acres and has more than 500 species of animals and more than 840 species of flowering plants. At the heart of the reserve is the Bukit Timah Mountain at an altitude of 164.3 meters. It is also the highest point of Singapore and overlooks the Lion City.

Nature Reserve and Forest Near to 120 Grange

The uphill trail passes through the jungle and you can see a variety of rare animals, flowers and tree species along the way. It is the ideal place to experience the charm of the rainforest in Singapore.

The scope of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is not limited to the Bukit Timah Mountain, but also covers the entire central catchment area, namely the MacRitchie Reservoir, the Upper and Lower Beyaz Reservoirs. There are currently more than 840 flowering plants and 500 species of animals (including insects and butterflies). The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is one of the first forest reserves to be established in Singapore.

Within this area, an abandoned quarry was developed into a park – now known as the Hindhede natural park. It is now a popular attraction for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the quarry and have some fun and more challenging rides.