A penthouse developed by Tuan Sing Holdings in Singapore is going for a tremendously large amount, namely because this property has a lot going for it. This development was completed three years ago by the holding company, and they were proud of the fact they were able to obtain SCDA-acclaimed architects to complete the project. This property is situated by Cluny Park Road just over by the Cluny Hill Good Class Bungalow Area.

The project began in August 2013, and it only had 40 units for sale at that time. Tuan Sing Holdings truly saved the best for last by holding out 12 units for later. Among these 12 that they saved for later was a 1,690 square foot penthouse that overlooks the world-famous Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site! The reseller of the penthouse originally purchased the penthouse for $5.2 million ($3,100 PSF) in September 2013. One of the reasons this property appealed to the original buyer is because this space was the only unit in Cluny Park that overlooked and showed off an unobstructed view of the fabulous green of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Please also see Kopar at Newton floor plan and layout which is for sale soon by the developer.

The fact that this development was close to amenities such as the Serene center and the Cluny Court was an added plus. Even better was the fact that this penthouse is close to the best schools-namely, the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, the Nanyang Primary school, and the Hua Chong institution are all close to this high-ranking penthouse apartment.

With all of these benefits, why sell it? Well, this penthouse was put on the market by the original owner because he wants to start a family and wants to purchase a larger property. This unique offering is being marketed by high-end realtor Sotheby’s International.

Besides the fact that this penthouse has million-dollar views, it also has top-notch furnishings that add sparkle to the environment. The owner made sure to have such things as remarkable outdoor deck material imported from Italy, along with French Oak woodwork, Cosentino Countertops, and even faucet handles intimately crafted by Buster and Punch. The unique decor of the two outdoor balconies illustrated the fact that the owner wanted to make sure that even the little things were aesthetically pleasing. He truly spared no expense and no detail was neglected at all.

This penthouse originally had four bedrooms, but the current owner had decided to sacrifice one of the bedrooms to give the penthouse more living space. He also improved the living room by burnishing it with a seven-meter high ceiling that is a paragon of symmetry. The floor-length windows that extend as high as the ceiling only add to the picturesque sight. The renovations came at a price tag with $1 million and the luxury apartment comes fully furnished as well.

The spectacular unblocked views from the unit will appeal to a broad spectrum of people, including singles, couples, and even larger families of four or five members or more. This is one of several units that now have a price tag of $5 million or more, which is now at a rise of 14%. The price of these and other units will remain high and probably go even higher simply because they simply will always be significantly less than the demand.

So how much is the price of this luxury property? The owner is listing it at $6.3 million, but there is no doubt that it will not stay on the market very long. It will receive a lot of interest and someone very soon will be proud to call this residence home.