Novena Medical Centre is an integrated development of Singapore’s health strategy, with care and community taking a central role. The owner plans to shape Singapore’s future through Novena Medical Centre. With integrated and supportive urban development, Novena Medical Centre will unify many vital and distinctive features. These will reach previous medical care to include a comprehensive ecological framework that encompasses all departments of health, research and education, business, relaxation, and open spaces, achieving the goal of building a place where healthy living is central.

Novena Medical Centre was built for some time as a therapeutic area for the central region of Singapore. His legacy of medical care began more than a century ago with the flourishing of Tan Tok Seng Hospital in 1909. Lee Hong Qian Medical College is the latest addition to the dynamic healthcare community here. Novena Medical Centre is located near to Kampong Java Road and is home to the new development by CEL Development Chip Eng Seng.

Through the tranquility of their proximity, these institutions often share each other to provide care for people in general. For example, Ren Ci Hospital has opened its rooms to patients of Tan Tok Seng Hospital who are stable and unnecessary clinical treatment. This procedure allowed the clinic with intensive care to see more and more primary patients. Also, doctors at Tan Tock Seng Hospital work closely with the last medical school in Singapore to meet the health needs of the population and the skills of graduate doctors.

Merely doing business as always will not be enough for a growing and transformed gray society whose Novena Medical Centre needs to become increasingly unpredictable every year. In this regard, they will need an integrated way to deal with all considerations at Novena, an approach that anticipates and meets the Novena Medical Centre’s needs of the future in central Singapore.

Many similar associations in Novena share this vision of an integrated approach to vision. Together, they have made an amazing plan for medical care, where structures that complement complementary capabilities exist together to improve care. They plan to have connectivity across sky distances, friendly walking routes, green gardens, and the underground vehicle leaves for a Protected, useful, and excellent access to the mind.

That is only a preliminary step towards the integral consideration of society by all. The management looks forward to the most exciting developments as they maintain a community of Novena Medical Centre, where healthy living is critical.

As an area that has so far hosted many medical associations built across the spectrum of medical care, the Novena area is a unique decision for a medical center point. The current center point includes open institutions such as those operated by private Novena Medical Centre associations. More than the physical area, Novena Medical Centre will be an intricate link between information networks, capacity, and interconnected human capital.

The interconnected axes that make up the various covered institutions, saturated with a living medical history, have generously contributed to the heritage of this central point.