This lovely street level unit represents a fantastic investment opportunity for its new owner. The commercial unit has great potential as a redevelopment project being suitable for residential redevelopment as well commercial developments. The site would also make a good restaurant, with its busy location near to shopping facilities and hotels, as well as having superb potential for further leasing.

The site is found on St Martin’s Drive within a safe, beautiful and stylish high end enclave. The site was put on the market for $55.3 million which would work out at approximately $5,900psf, which for its location is a very good deal. Developments near to Kopar at Newton has been generating alot of interest as it is located near to the city as well as Newton Food Centre. Please see Kopar at Newton location for more information.

St Martin’s Drive is near to the bustling shopping district of Orchard Road close to the thriving Tudor Court Shopping Gallery. This famous shopping gallery is well known for its antique furniture as well as other high end boutique shops and products on offer. This shopping area draws a well off demographic and so the new owner of the site can expect to benefit from the prospects this would bring.

The site itself represents just over 40% of the total share of the building complex. The rest of the complex is made up of 14 residential apartments. For this reason the site could be remodelled into residences but with its amazing business and commercial possibilities careful thought would be needed to guide this decision.

The site itself has a large, attractive, glass frontage with ample sidewalk space and even car parking for several cars. This makes it extremely appealing to potential business owners because they could provide their customers with much sought after parking space within the busy city. The front of the store also has an elegant archway over the entrance which would make a great impression for anyone entering the building.
As well as the exclusive shopping district the property is also close to several of the city’s luxurious hotels. Among others the property is near to The Singapore Regent and the lovely Hotel Jen Tanglin.

The property offers several exciting visions for its future possible. One could use it as office space for a small to medium sized company. The property’s superb location would mean that clients would have easy access and international clients could stay at one of the many nearby hotels in comfort. The property would make a great restaurant, cafe or even, as has been suggested, a car showroom, due to the parking facilities that are included with the property.

The property, located at 1 St Martin’s Drive is a real find and would be a genuine jewel in any developers portfolio.