The Tapestry Located Near to Tampines Avenue 10

The Tapestry Condo is actually a 99 years old leasehold private development, which is owned by City Developments Limited of Singapore, commonly known as CDL. There was a bidding war for the plot at Tampines Avenue 10, between 9 bidders, and the top bid was accepted for 370.1 Singapore Dollars. This top bid was made by CDL themselves.

The main motive for the highest bid was to allow CDL to build around 800 residential units in the same plot of land, at Tampines. This land is located very near to the Bedok Reservoir, and also to the Temasek Polytechnic college as well. This will help the residents get the most benefits out of their investments, as various analysts are saying that the property market is still very much lively. Therefore, without further ado, let’s go through some of the biggest reasons why you should plan to invest in The Tapestry Condo.

Numerous Facilities Available At The Tampines Avenue 10

The location of The Tapestry Condo is excellent, in terms of overall communication and facilities being provided. The Tampines Avenue 10 is a major road which also connects the Tampines Expressway as well, commonly known as TPE. Therefore, travelling to the Changi Airport via the TPE is very much easy and convenient as well. There is also the Bedok Hawker Centre for all your signature local delights too. There is also various megastore establishments as well, namely IKEA and Courts Megastore, which are located next to the TPE. These stores are just 5 minutes distance away. Please also see Kopar at Newton Condo by CELH Development.

Presence Of The Tampines Hub Near to The Tapestry

The Tampines Hub is an integrated community and lifestyle hub, that helps to bring neighbours from different backgrounds together, at one place. There is a wide range of food outlets, as well as various family activities to indulge in as well. There is a hawker centre here too. There will be various social gatherings, in order to help to promote the Tampines Town as a lot more vibrant city. There are also various sports activities, like Tennis and Hockey.

Location Of The Temasek Polytechnic

This polytechnic college is the third polytechnic college in Singapore, and provide numerous courses and graduate diplomas as well. There are options for various full time and part time courses too. This college is very close to The Tapestry Condo and Bedok Reservoir. It has around 12,000 students, and around 1,200 staff members.


Whether you want a place with numerous facilities or a place with good culture and neighbours, or want a place where your kids could easily go off to the nearest polytechnic college – The Tapestry Condo ticks all the right boxes. The investment will be truly worth your time, and as well as your money too

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