Newton Food Centre

The 21st century has seen a surge for numerous restaurants in the food industry. This can be attributed to impeccable innovations and a need for perfect dining experiences. However, it’s of utter importance to ensure that culture is preserved while offering the best cuisines to customers. This is exactly what the Newton Food Center offers to its customers. Famed for Gordon Ramsey’s Sing Tel Hawker Heroes Challenge and The Crazy Rich Asians, Newton Food Center plays host to thousands of guests, both local and international, who are looking for an experience like no other.

Newton Food Centre Dining Experience

Here are some cuisines that you can enjoy once you set foot at the Newton Food Center. This hawker stand offers an array of foods, but what makes it stand out is the fishball. Just like any other East Asian mean, you can couple the fishballs with some noodles.

Foods Available at Newton Food Centre

More so, you are assured of a tasty experience which is painstakingly prepared by hand. The best thing however is that you get to indulge your taste buds at less that $4! This is another must go to stand at the Hamilton food center. It is unique in that you get to choose your meal from a number of intricate selections on the menu. Uniquely, all the food on this stand is served with rice. This gives you a unique taste of the Eastern Asian Culture. If you are into meat, then this stand will definitely take you off your feet. Just as the name suggests, this meat stand offers food lovers a taste of minced meat in different designs coupled with noodles.

Don’t miss out to order the handmade meatball noodles at only $5 bucks or the minced Pork noodle at only $4.5 bucks. And the best of all, you can indulge on these delicacies 24/7.

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